Congratulations Donald Trump. Now Get to Work.

The American people have spoken and taken action to begin disposing the entrenched political establishment. Your election as our President represents the beginning of the movement of the American people to select leaders who are not beholden to special interests, leaders who will get us back on track to truly limited government where the U.S. Constitution is the law of the land.

Now please get to work Mr. President at taking the lead to uniting our country around our founding principles of limited government where the people have sovereign rights secured by The Constitution of the United States .

Good luck and may God bless you and We the People of the United States of America and our great country.


Daily Press Editorial Page Endorsement of Hillary Clinton  

With such dubious candidates running for the Office of President of the United States, independent minded voters face a dilemma at thinking they have to choose one of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as our ailing country’s next chief executive. Both represent the absolute worst in terms of an inspiring choice for voters and reflect the failure of the duopoly that is the two party nominating process for identifying candidates for election to serve public office as government leaders.
Populism has elevated the successful-in-business but very brash and bombastic and often insulting and principally inconsistent Trump as the Republican primary winner. This out-of-nowhere oddity was fomented by a restless conservative base that sees the GOP abandoning it’s traditional conservative values once its candidates are elected. Republican leaders serving in government over the past twenty to thirty years have failed to minimize the negative effects of big, bad, and bloated government policies. Instead of seeing positive returns on investment and national strengthening, the country’s health indicators appear to only show as weaker. Trump is that base’s solution to right those perceived wrongs. They are willing to take their chances that Trump and his sometimes fascist appearing platform can, with restraint from the GOP led Congress and a strong cabinet of principled advisors, halt the runaway and out of control freight train that is our federal government.


The progressives on the left chose Clinton over ultra left and independent Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders embrace of socialist policies as his platform wooed younger voters who lack understanding of history. Clinton, not much less an advocate of socialism as the way for our country’s future, was accused of conspiring with Democratic Party operatives to hold Sanders back . Sanders supporters suspect that Clinton stole the nomination but have since united behind Clinton following Sanders’ gracious concession. As the Democratic nominee, Clinton’s past is well documented with accusations involving controversy and allegations of malfeasance. She is despised by her detractors unlike any other presidential candidate in the last century.

The Daily Press for all intents and purposes like most voters, feel the need to pick one or the other. Despite your obviously strong history of backing candidates who espouse your libertarian leaning values of limited government, you half heartedly endorsed Clinton by holding your nose and explaining your obvious concerns with her checkered history and government-growing / individual freedom robbing platform. You chose her over the politically inexperienced Trump because Trump fails to convince that he can serve as a national unifying force and American statesman who can be trusted to admirably and responsibly lead the United States of America on the global stage.

But how could you even symbolically endorse Hillary Clinton as the choice? Her campaign is anathema to your principles of limited government and a free market economy. Her power as President will tilt the Supreme Court further left bringing the entire country farther from our Constitutional Republic roots.

You failed to take a stand at pointing out the obvious failure of the two party nominating system.  If our country and individual citizens want to continue to claim the freedoms laid out in our Declaration of Independence and set as fundamental laws of the land as cemented in the U.S. Constitution, then We the People must stop our government from being hijacked by those who keep sending shysters under the cloak of Republican and Democrat operatives to Washington and putting us in this perilous national condition. The GOP and Democratic parties are two sides of the same worthless coin. They are a wooden nickel as our government leadership.

It would have been better if you endorsed “none of the above” in a monumental and leadership inspiring rebuke of the prevailing political process that serves us the absolute worst people to take the Constitutional oath of office as leaders of our federal government. It’s time to take a principled stand.

Pens Win! Pirates Win! Brown Loses?


Here below is well a played blog update on Steelers all-pro WR Antonio Brown’s departure from DWTS as written and posted by one of the bloggers at FOB Sports Blog.  FOB means Friends of Bob as in retired Pittsburgh Posts Gazette sports columnist Bob Smizik. I enjoyed the wit.

#################################”Yes, Antonio Brown has been eliminated from Dancing With The Stars.  No, I didn’t watch a single minute but my tailor does their costumes so there is that…..The elimination from the competition will end Brown’s streak of consecutive shows with at least five dance moves for fifty steps or more.  Quite a feet (sic).”

Source: Pens Win! Pirates Win! Brown Loses?

Flying In & Out of Pittsburgh

As a native Pittsburgher, I am not alone in my having left my beloved city to create and live my life in another place. I moved away at the age of 24 and I’ve never stopped loving my home town.  Most of my family remains there.  As others who hail from the ‘Burgh, my natural affinity for the Steelers and Pirates and Penguins never waned despite living well beyond the city limits in another state.  Every trip back home for a visit is a happy one.

You can imagine the excitement and later disappointment that was generated at the news of a low-cost regional airline that was going to have direct daily flights in and out of Pittsburgh to Newport News, VA a few years back with People’s Express Airline which never got off the ground and failed.

I would love to be able to conveniently fly back to Pittsburgh for quick visits.  The seven to eight hour one-way drive from south eastern Virginia makes it just a bit too unreasonable to try and make regularly scheduled visits back home to visit family and friends.    The People’s Express airline was going to be the answer to my wishes of being able to zip in and zip out over a weekend, granting me repeat coveted opportunities to share time with loved ones in the best city in the world without wasting time on the commute.

Displaced Pittsburghers are scattered in very large numbers across the United States. We all tend to hold that town near and dear to our hearts, always speaking fondly of things back home.  There so much distinct and wonderful qualities about Pittsburgh and its people and neighborhoods and history.  It’s this fact that there are way more Pittsburghers living outside of the southwestern Pennsylvania area than living there, but who nonetheless are wanting to be able to easily make recurring visits back home that compels me to write this.

Those of you entrepreneurs and investors who can relate to and agree with the above sentiments should join me in trying to generate movement towards the creation of a regional airline commuter carrier  that provides direct service in and out of Pittsburgh.    I am quite confident that with the high volume of Pittsburghers living beyond driving distance that there would be no shortage of customers looking to take advantage of this badly needed service.  Not to be ignored is that Pittsburgh is certainly a destination city for visitors, conventioneers, business people, and other would be travelers.  A visit to Pittsburgh just because is a great reason to go there.  There is much to be gained by spending time in the Golden Triangle and as such, there is much to be earned by the right risk taker who recognizes the benefits of creating a new means of easier air travel in and out of the city.

Newport New, VA is a great hub to run direct flights in to and out of Pittsburgh.  It’s within driving distance of other well populated metropolitan areas to attract others seeking travel either to or through Pittsburgh and other destinations.

If you are in the investment arena or travel industry and have an entrepreneurial spirit, please consider a venture that would result in the creation of an affordable airline that provides direct travel in and out of Pittsburgh.   We Pittsburghers are a dedicated bunch of Yinzers who would gladly generate repeat business in the way of recurrent use of such an airline.   Similarly, Pittsburgh as a magnet destination for conventions, business, and travelers makes it all the more reasonable to explore the possibility of creating a new daily air travel service to and from.

Please share this post, reply to it, like it, retweet it, Redd-it, etc. if you want to get on board.  Maybe yinz will be able to help get us back into the ‘Burgh just a little bit easier.

The Liberty Classroom Comes to You

One of my more enjoyable past times is reading and thinking and learning about the tenets of freedom that led to the founding of our country.

Imagine my joy upon discovering an amazing online resource called the Liberty Classroom that offers the most incredible and easy to obtain education one could ever hope to find on the subject of liberty.

If you have an interest in personal development in the area of understanding more about individual liberty and what makes up a truly free society, then check out Tom Wood’s Liberty Classroom.

Woods and his brilliant colleagues have amassed a tremendous and effective array of lectures, essays, literature, and books that explain (in very easy to understand terms) the important concepts and components of topics such as: politics, lawmaking, economics, government, monetary policy, education, philosophical frameworks – pretty much everything that goes into supporting a culture of liberty.

Click here to check out Tom Wood’s Liberty Classroom for yourself.

Voters Without a Voice – America’s True Silent Majority

silenced-liberty1There is a terrible ruse that’s been playing out upon the American people. The supposed leaders serving today in our government at both the state and federal levels in all branches are ignoring the authority we the people grant them as far as their affording us the protections we need from government overreach. Their willingness to properly serve us in a constitutional fashion is critical in order for us to survive as a truly free people.

We as voters must hold elected members serving in our government accountable when they fail to abide by the constitutional rules of law. If we fail to do so, then it is at our own peril. Most of us have become apathetic during elections because we have come to understand that we have no truly differentiated choices when it comes to electing representation that will be beholden to our best individual interests. So we do not participate, opting not to support the democrats or republicans who dominate the polls. Opting not to support the ruse is in many ways evidence that people are fed-up and it is a good first step to change. But taking the next steps soon is critical. Taking action to reverse and take back our government is proving more challenging. The longer such action takes, the more our country will be damaged and the more difficult the recovery.

The concept of “separation of powers” that created checks and balances as to how government is intended to be run in the United States (U.S.) was of primary importance in the crafting of our national rule of law during the founding of our country over 200 years ago. Constitutional law was specifically written that way so as to prevent the consolidation of too much government power and control into the hands of a mighty few of the great many.

Our country’s founding fathers as framers of the constitutions of both Virginia and the U.S. understood that governments across all of recorded history inherently gravitate toward infringing on the rights and freedoms of individual people, hence their creation of the Bill of Rights as the first 10 amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The brilliant thinkers who wrote and approved these framework laws as constitutions over 225 years ago realized that to preserve individual freedom, they had to design a constitutional republic form of government that granted only very limited and specifically enumerated powers to the government across three branches: legislative, executive, and judicial.

Fast forward 226 years later and we American citizens have erroneously permitted the brilliantly designed government that was left for us to be hijacked by special interests who fund political party backed lifetime professionally paid politicians. In his 1796 farewell address as our nation’s first president, George Washington warned of the dangers of political parties.

Washington’s warning fell on deaf ears and weak minds, as today our government is effectively stacked at all three branches with bought and paid for “leadership” at both levels. It runs roughshod over individual rights of the citizens. Public office holders of today have no willingness to check against any other branch of the government that oversteps the once respected bounds of its authority as noted in those aforementioned enumerated powers of the constitution. Why? Because they all work not for the people, but instead for the political parties and the special interests that fund them.

This venal set up for enacting an insidious tyranny over us is taking place right under our noses. It “legally” siphons taxpayer money and slowly erodes individual rights. All of it is done through our government and it is pushing our once great country deeper and deeper into despair and further and further away from what it was ever meant to be. How prescient that Benjamin Franklin, back in 1789, upon the passage of the constitution gave this answer when he was asked what kind of government they created: “A republic, if you can keep it.”

If you agree that political parties are the at the root of our government ills, then please join me in promoting awareness of this issue and make an effort to support independent or non-Republican or non-Democrat candidates who are running for office. Teach your friends, family, and young people in your life about the alternatives to political parties when it comes to elections. Share word about such organizations and thinkers as found on my blogroll further below on this